d.w. Transport and leasing, inc. has grown from a one man band to a fleet of 30 tractor trailers trucks and over eighty employees.

about us 

It was 1978 in New London, Connecticut- I wasn’t there but I can assume it was a dark and stormy night (queue the music). David Waddington Sr. was an employee, working as a straight job truck driver in charge of the US mail run, but like many others during that time he was young and hungry so when the US Mail run route he was driving came up for bid along with another he jumped at the chance to get ahead in the game...was he ready to take them on in case he won? Absolutely not, but he won both bids anyways.

Today, D.W. Transport and Leasing, Inc. employees over eighty hard-working individuals and is home to over thirty tractor trailer trucks. We've been servicing Connecticut for over four decades and have hundreds of loyal customers. 

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